Tiffany A. Is Showing Leadership Potential

We’re always ready to put our high-achieving team members in the spotlight. Today, we’re giving Tiffany A. some well-deserved recognition for her commitment to development. She continues to show great leadership potential and set a great example for everyone on Team Principal Marketing.

The great thing about Tiffany is that she is applying everything she learns from day to day. It’s one thing to gain knowledge that can propel your career, but it’s even better to actually put what you learn to good use. Tiffany, who moved here from Indiana, is excited to apply the feedback she receives from managers as well. As a result of her dedication, she’s also on track to earn travel incentives within the company.

Our merit-based advancement approach is one of the prime motivators for our team. Our people know their efforts will be rewarded, so they perform at their best. Promoting from within makes it clear to people that they can achieve whatever their work ethics allow, which puts someone like Tiffany in prime position to thrive.

Promoting from within also boosts overall morale throughout an organization. We’ve found that it helps us keep our Principal Marketing talent in place as well. When there’s always room to advance, people don’t have to worry about their future prospects.

Tiffany represents what can be achieved in our advancement-focused culture.