Tech Tools for Productive Travel

We use travel as a key developmental pursuit here at Principal Marketing, and our associates have learned how to stay productive when they’re far from the office. Our road warriors would like to highlight a few tech tools you can use to get things done when you travel for business.

Evernote is one app our Principal Marketing associates have found to be indispensable when traveling. Whether you need to jot down some quick notes, create an outline for when you return to the office, or write a complete blog post, Evernote will help you get it done on the go. Our associates use it when networking and sharpening their skill sets at industry gatherings.

We also use quite a bit when we’re on the road, and this app lets us schedule meetings and track what our colleagues are doing during trips. Basically a virtual assistant, will let you keep track of your own calendar and those of your coworkers when you’re far from home.

Asana is another resource you can use to stay in the loop on big projects back at the office. The ability to keep up with communication and the work that’s being done throughout your excursion helps you get back in the swing of things after the trip ends.

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