Team Update: Caylee Advanced to Trainer

When one Principal Marketing team member succeeds, we all succeed. Our collaborative culture involves celebrating everyone’s victories. So, we are excited today to announce that Caylee, one of our associates, has advanced to the trainer position. We are looking forward to seeing what new feats she will achieve in this role.

Caylee graduated from the College of DuPage. She joined our team and immediately showed a talent for working with people. She is a great learner and has used every training material we have given her to its fullest potential. If Caylee doesn’t understand something or needs help, she is always quick to speak up and eager to learn something new.

With this promotion to trainer, Caylee will be taking on a number of new responsibilities. She will be helping with human resources and will be involved in the hiring process for new Principal Marketing associates.

“Caylee genuinely cares about the growth and the development of the team around her, so a training role comes very naturally to her,” Kim P., our Director, adds. “I know she will be successful because she has both the skills and the heart for it.”

When she isn’t working, Caylee enjoys hanging out with her two chihuahuas, Brody and Joey. She is a master at calligraphy and hand-lettering design. She also plays the guitar.

We are sure Caylee will continue to impress in this new position. Find the latest news on our Principal Marketing team by checking out our Newswire.