Successful Management Habits

We’re dedicated students of leadership here in the Principal Marketing office. Through our observations of great managers, we have learned that there are some common habits that enable the best to maintain their success. Here are the behaviors we’re practicing to become stronger managers.

Productive morning routines help top-flight managers get their days off to great starts. We’re waking up earlier to mimic the best leaders, making sure to use our extra time for exercise, meditation, and planning for the day to come. The quiet early morning hours are ideal for reflection and brainstorming as well.

We have also adopted the leadership habit of giving our team members time to let their minds wander. This doesn’t mean we encourage them to be distracted by social media or smartphones. Rather, we allow our people opportunities to get away from the office and enjoy each other’s company. Whether it’s a brisk walk around the office, a trip to a favorite coffee shop, or some other excursion, we want our associates to clear their minds and build camaraderie in the process.

Recognizing every victory is another habit we’ve made our own. Even for smaller achievements, we take time to celebrate and build momentum toward further wins. Every member of Team Principal Marketing knows that his or her efforts will be noticed, which keeps the entire group engaged.

These methods help us keep our team motivated. For more on how we’re improving our management skills, like Principal Marketing on Facebook.