Successful Insights You Can’t Learn in College

Many of the essential skills and attributes necessary for long-term success can only be gained through experience. We appreciate the value of a college education here at Principal Marketing HQ, but we also understand that these vital success traits can only be refined by working in the real world:

• Empathy: The ability to read other people’s emotions is a key element of success at all career levels. It can help you meet customers’ needs and get the best performances out of your team members. Empathy is a fundamental part of emotional intelligence, which can’t be learned in a college classroom.

• Learning From Setbacks: You have to keep moving forward as you learn to become a successful business leader. This means maintaining your focus no matter what unexpected outcomes might occur. We’ve learned that this type of steady resolve can only be built through experience here at Principal Marketing HQ.

• Building Trust: Projecting confidence is one of the best ways to reinforce trust with consumers or with team members. This is something that’s difficult to do unless you’ve been through all kinds of situations on the job. We become more self-assured with every tough challenge, which instills confidence in other people as well as ourselves.

We’re happy to be developing these successful qualities through experience.