Small Ways to Make a Big Difference

We’ve explored a range of giveback options as part of our Principal Marketing commitment to philanthropy. Through our efforts, we’ve realized that it’s not always grand gestures that make the biggest impacts for people and organizations in need. Here are a few small ways to give back that can make a real difference:

• Small Financial Donations: Bigtime financial contributions aren’t possible for every company, but even small amounts of money can do a lot of good. We’ve found that even $10 a month is enough to help worthy causes. As long as you’re consistent with your giving, the amount of money in question isn’t really a big issue.

• Lending Our Talents: Nonprofits tend to need professional skills almost as much as money. We have valuable skills spread throughout our Principal Marketing team, which means we can contribute to a wide range of causes. Whether you specialize in marketing, web design, or any other area, it’s worth exploring your giving options.

• Getting Active: We also help on the ground whenever possible, taking part in fundraisers and volunteer events of all kinds. Running in 5Ks, assisting at animal shelters, and working in soup kitchens are all good ideas.

These small ways to help good causes can be game changers for people in need.