Recognizing Hayden S., Our Superstar Intern!

Our full-time colleagues aren’t the only ones who deserve recognition. Recently Kim, Principal Marketing’s Director, took some time to point out how well one of our interns, Hayden S., is doing. Hayden comes to us from the University of Iowa, where he is a marketing major. “I’m really impressed with the way he has applied himself and moved his skill set forward because of our internship program,” Kim shared.

She continued, “There are many competencies Hayden was looking to gain this summer that were outside of his comfort zone, including business networking. Though he felt uncomfortable at first, he recently has been able to freely communicate with confidence to ask for help from peers and managers, and it’s really shown in his results!”

Developing confidence is one of the great benefits gained from the Principal Marketing internship program. Kim asserts that her interns are not coffee-fetchers; they have hands-on roles in daily operations and campaign creation. What’s more, she tries to give them room to develop their own solutions when faced with challenges, knowing that a little struggle is a great learning experience.

“Hayden has grabbed hold of our training program and really put it to use, which shows in his achievements. I am excited about the foundation that he’s building, and how that’s going to impact his career,” Kim stated. To learn more about Principal Marketing’s rising stars, follow us on Twitter.