Recognizing Deborah’s Continuing Success

Frequent recognition keeps Team Principal Marketing motivated. Our company Owner, Kim, stated, “I enjoy taking time to highlight our top performers. Deborah, one of our brand ambassadors, is the most recent associate to earn some time in the spotlight. She continues to impress with her ability to adapt to every aspect of the job.”

Deborah rises to the occasion because she isn’t afraid to ask questions. She’s very strong in certain areas, but she also understands that there’s always more to learn. Kim remarked, “Deborah has a positive attitude that carries her through new challenges. She is also flexible and resilient, two qualities that inspire the rest of our team.”

Our company Owner also discussed a few other traits she looks for in the ideal Principal Marketing associate. She commented, “I want people who are proactive and aren’t afraid to take chances. Action-oriented team members are the ones who will generate innovative ideas and help a company grow in the long run.”

Kim also believes a detail-oriented approach sets the most successful people apart from everyone else. “Deborah fits the bill here as well,” she said. “We can always count on her to sweat the small stuff and deliver thorough work.”

Deborah is one of our most successful brand ambassadors because of all the positive attributes she brings to the table. Find out more about our associates by checking out the Principal Marketing Newswire.