After the Promotion: Succeed in Your New Position

When our team members earn promotions, the first thing we do is say, “Congratulations!” Then, we offer them these time-honored Principal Marketing suggestions on how to succeed at the next level.

The first thing we suggest might come as a surprise. As our new leaders begin to take inventory of their duties, we encourage them to consider what responsibilities are no longer theirs as well. Our Principal Marketing reasoning is simple; there is only so much time in the day, and if someone has a new set of obligations to attend to, she or he will have to let go of their old ones.

Our second guideline for success after a promotion follows our first nicely. Learn to lean on others and delegate. This seems strange to many go-getters at first, especially because personal accountability was probably one of the attributes that got them noticed. However, he or she now has a team to consider, and associates never develop if their managers don’t share the workloads.

Third, maintain focus on the basics. Sleep is not less important for managers than associates – nor is exercise or family time. In fact, it’s a Principal Marketing belief that balance and self-care become more vital as our careers advance.

To succeed personally and professionally after a promotion, we follow these Principal Marketing recommendations. For more career advice, like us on Facebook.