PRESS RELEASE: Principal Marketing Returned From Networking in Punta Cana

GLEN ELLYN, IL – Two Principal Marketing team members have returned from an industry conference in Punta Cana. Kim P., the company’s Director, indicated that this event was a great networking and learning opportunity.

Kim brought team member Nicole with her to represent Principal Marketing at the industry rest and relaxation retreat. They gathered with sales and marketing professionals from around the country in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. This annual trip provides the attendees the chance to discuss the latest in their industry and learn about taking their companies to the next level.

“This trip is always valuable because it is the best time to learn and grow,” Kim said. “We got to network with the best and brightest in our field. We heard about their most successful strategies and shared our own experiences. Of course, it was also wonderful getting to relax during the all-inclusive stay at the Hard Rock Hotel.”

According to Kim, Nicole was chosen to attend because she has a mentality of doing whatever is necessary to achieve success for the Principal Marketing team. Kim added that Nicole is dedicated to her career and future. Therefore, she was certain that her associate would gain a lot from the experience. Nicole got to see more of the industry and had the chance to meet leading executives.

“Someone provided this opportunity for me when I first started out in sales and marketing,” Kim said. “I was so grateful for that experience coming into the industry. It was valuable both for information and the experience, and I came away with a huge confidence boost. Providing that for my team means a lot to me because I know how much it adds value to their careers.”

Principal Marketing’s Director on The Value of Team Member Travel

Every Principal Marketing team member gets the opportunity to travel, according to Kim. She indicated that this adds a lot of value because getting out on the road spurs creative thinking.

“It is easier to be innovative when you get to experience new things,” Kim said. “One of the best ways to achieve this is to send people out of the office. They see new cultures and pick up new perspectives on life. Fueling creative thinking helps us stay on the cutting edge of our space.”

Additionally, travel helps to break the routine and relieve stress, she added. “People get excited about hitting the road. Even the idea of an upcoming trip gets everyone in the office buzzing. Of course, when we come back from industry conferences with new ideas, that adds new energy too. Travel is a great way to keep the whole office focused and pushing forward.”

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