Nicole Ventures to Educational Conference

Travel events are key parts of the Principal Marketing approach to development. Nicole recently made the most of a conference held in Dallas, Texas. She explained, “I am excited because this conference has given me mentorship skills I can apply back at the office. It’s a goal of mine to help others start reaching their own professional aims. I feel better equipped to do so thanks to the insights I gained during this trip.”

We also recognize some underrated benefits of business travel, which Nicole capitalized on during her trip. She commented, “I enhance my adaptability when I hit the road to represent Principal Marketing. There are delays and other unexpected schedule changes any time you venture away from the office, but I have learned to roll with the punches. These twists are great preparation for the ever-changing business world. We’re able to respond to shifting consumer needs and market trends.”

Nicole also made some valuable connections during the conference. “I had the chance to interact with other top performers from across the country,” she added. “We discussed emerging technologies and best practices for engaging consumers. It’s always inspiring to learn how others are succeeding and to share my own advice along the way.”

Our associates are already looking forward to our next travel event. Learn more about our road trips by following Principal Marketing on Twitter.