Interesting Ways to Prioritize Learning

When it comes to team building, we believe in the value of learning as a group. That’s why we take part in so many ongoing training programs around the Principal Marketing office. Here are a few simple ways companies can create cultures of learning.

First of all, there is a ton of value in regular trainings. We’ve learned this firsthand at Principal Marketing HQ, with educational sessions giving us an edge on the competition. Whether we discuss emerging technology, ways to improve processes, or any other relevant topic, we build stronger bonds as we gain valuable insights together.

Learning at home is another good way for people to advance their development. We’re intrigued by the idea of turning these out-of-office training sessions into contests. You might put a travel incentive up for grabs to inspire your team members to complete at-home educational programs.

Having team members do some of the teaching during training sessions is also a productive way to build camaraderie. The different teaching styles that are on display makes learning even more interesting. This strategy encourages stronger teamwork on future projects, because team members get to learn about each other’s learning styles.

We’re working to make constant learning a reality through these simple but effective methods.