Highlighting Emily, Our Team’s Newest Trainer

One of the core elements of the Principal Marketing culture is highlighting the triumphs of our team members. All our people are talented and driven individuals who bring a lot to our firm. So, whenever we have the chance to celebrate them, we are excited to take it. Recently, Emily reached her goal of being promoted to our trainer position.

Before joining Principal Marketing, Emily studied at Eastern Illinois University. Throughout her time working with us, Emily has proven to be a capable individual with a knack for leadership. We believe she will excel upon taking on this more substantial role in the company.

Some of her new responsibilities are training team members, helping with human resources management, hiring new associates, and traveling to test markets to represent Principal Marketing. All of these match Emily well because she is a keen leader who is dedicated to empowering our team.

“I am excited about Emily’s future in management,” says Kim P., our Director. “She commands a room when she speaks and can effectively lead the team through training. Watching as she continues to perfect that skill set is really exciting for me.”

In her spare time, Emily enjoys creative hobbies such a scrapbooking and dance. She also likes the theater and movies.

This new role is a great fit for Emily; we look forward to what she will achieve in it. Follow Principal Marketing on Twitter for more on our team.