Guidelines for Becoming a Master Public Speaker

Making presentations is a central element of the Principal Marketing outreach strategy. We teach all our associates how to make more impactful talks. Here are some of the most effective guidelines for learning how to speak in front of an audience:

• Prepare Thoroughly: Proper preparation will make you feel more confident and will tighten up your content. Create a core message for your talk, then build the rest around that idea. Keep practicing until you know all your main points by memory and can speak naturally about them.

• Understand the Audience: The secret to every Principal Marketing campaign is our research and insight into the audience. The same approach can be applied to making presentations. Understand who is listening and you can match your content to their wants and needs.

• Speak to Individuals: Make eye contact with people in the audience. Slowly switch between different sets of eyes. If you can find a few listeners who are especially engaged, look at the them more often to feed off their excitement.

• Just Relax: The most effective presentations are delivered confidently and authentically. It can take some time and practice, but letting yourself relax on stage is the key to success. Try to focus on the moment and simply speak naturally about the topic, like any other conversation.

These guidelines will make your presentations stronger than ever. Discover more ideas on public speaking by liking Principal Marketing on Facebook.