Create a Personal Brand Worth of a Celebrity

When it comes to constructing a personal brand, Team Principal Marketing proposes that celebrities have a lot to teach us. When we hear a name like Ellen DeGeneres, Benedict Cumberbatch, or Jay-Z, we think of more than a just an individual. These names represent images and attitudes that spring from the work these people do and the emotional impact they’ve made on us.

Here are the actions we see household names taking to promote their personal brands:

  • Consistency Across All Channels: If you’ve ever met someone famous, you know how strange it feels to say hello to a person you’ve never met before, yet have the feeling that you know them personally. This is by design; celebrities work to share their authentic selves through interviews and social media so that they can connect with their fanbases on a deeper level.
  • Proclaim Your Passions Boldly: When they create images, superstars lead with the causes and principles that mean the most to them. Being open and vulnerable can be frightening, but on the other side of this fear are the lives we want to live.
  • Set Boundaries: Balance is a necessity for everyone, including the women and men who thrive under the spotlight of fame. They know when to get involved in dialogue, and when to let conversations go. As the key to work/life balance in any industry, setting and maintaining clear boundaries is a Principal Marketing priority as well.

Fame can be fleeting; those who have found a way to make it last have much to teach about personal branding. For more insight into marketing yourself, check out Principal Marketing’s Newswire.