Common Traits of Successful Leaders

As we work to improve our leadership skills around the Principal Marketing office, we focus on a few specific traits shared by the most respected managers. Here are the important attributes we’re doing our best to develop.

One thing we’ve learned that great managers share is a strong sense of resiliency. They maintain positive mind-sets no matter what’s going on around them. They can also adapt well to changing needs in the process. We try to build successful routines that allow us to thrive even when we see unexpected outcomes.

Empathy is another key quality shared by the most effective managers. When dealing with teams made up of distinct personalities, leaders need to give directions and deliver feedback while still being aware of their people’s feelings. We explain the reasons behind every decision we make, with empathy being our main goal.

Leaders also need to be flexible, dealing with change while still guiding their teams to achieve winning results. Even as they maintain their visions, they’re willing to alter their processes whenever they must. We apply this same type of agility throughout Principal Marketing HQ, because we know how important it is to adapt in a competitive industry.

We’re putting these traits into action to become stronger leaders.