Building a Valuable Training Program

The Principal Marketing new associate training program is one of the most valuable pieces of professional development we offer to everyone on our team because it gives them not only the skills they need to succeed in their roles, but the skills they need to succeed in their careers. Here’s what we did to make the program a success:

• High Expectations: We try to hire the right people to fill roles at Principal Marketing, so we start the program with very high expectations. We fully expect that associates will master the material they need to know to do their jobs, and we also expect them to absorb enough information to be positioned to continue their career growth.

• Provide Coaching: We make sure each new associate is paired with someone more experienced who can provide hands-on coaching, but also with someone who has significantly more experience and can provide mentorship. Again, this is a two-pronged approach that focuses both on short-term success and long-term careers.

• Immerse Them Immediately: Instead of starting with weeks of training before they ever actually begin their jobs, we try to put new associates into active work right away and then ramp up their responsibilities as they complete their training. This helps them understand and immediately apply the lessons they’re getting.

Handling the training program this way provides clear value to associates. We continue to provide coaching and training to help them master their roles and then move up to the next levels.