Best Pathways to Effective Presenting

Public speaking skills occupy a special place in the Principal Marketing training program. We know how important it is to our careers to be able to present complex information to crowds of all sizes. Here are a few simple strategies we’re using to refine our speaking prowess.

There’s no substitute for audience research when it comes to delivering memorable speeches. After all, when we know as much as possible about our listeners’ needs and concerns, we can tailor our remarks for maximum impact. We leave lasting impressions because we take the time to understand what people want and need to hear.

We’ve also discovered the power of having a compelling story or catchy phrase to engage our audience members. When we frame our Principal Marketing speeches in narrative form, people can tie their own experiences to ours. As they do so, they create lasting connections with the main points we make.

Speaking from the heart is also something we emphasize in our presentations. We create outlines for our speeches rather than composing in a strict, word-for-word style. This way, we can be more natural when we’re onstage and forge stronger connections with audience members.

These basic techniques are helping us become more memorable presenters.