Attention-Grabbing Questions for an Interviewee

The best Principal Marketing interviews are not one-sided. We appreciate when our interviewees come prepared with questions for us. These are some of the best questions that potential team members have asked:

  • “What Purpose Does This Position Fill for the Department?”: This is an excellent way to obtain a clear picture of what success in a Principal Marketing role looks like. 
  • “Who Would My Teammates Be, and How Would We Communicate?”: This question (or a variation of it) shows that collaboration and communication are as important to a candidate as they are to us. 
  • “How Do You Imagine a Successful Team Member Getting Started in This Position? Do They Jump in Headfirst, Follow a Training Program, or Something Different?”: Getting off on the right foot in any new role is crucial. With this query, applicants get ideas of what to expect on their very first days. 
  • “Do You Prefer Daily, Face-to-Face Interaction With New Hires, or Does Email Work Better for You?”: Knowing an immediate supervisor’s preferred method of communication relieves a great deal of new-job stress. 
  • “What Part of Working Here Is the Most Fun for You?”: Work doesn’t have to be a chore. Our hiring managers would have several answers to this question, ranging from weekend trips to bowling nights. 

These are just a few examples of questions that an interviewer should appreciate hearing from an interviewee. We offer more Principal Marketing interview tips on Facebook. Look us up!