We capture your clients’ interest when
they’re already in the consumers’ mindset
to achieve higher returns on your direct
marketing investment.


We bring together the perfect elements
required to achieve your aspirations for
success and growth.


We foster a strong entrepreneurial spirit, empowering
individuals so they can own their accounts and projects,
and become future business partners.

Welcome to Principal Marketing

At Principal Marketing, our aim is to provide avid sales and marketing solutions which will lead to the growth of market share for leading personal care, household products, electronics, and gourmet food brands. Through one-on-one campaign events and on-site promotions, we have managed to build unique relationships with our customers; relationships which ensure that the brands we represent realize positive results and measurable growth one month after the other.

On a Mission for Growth

Principal Marketing has been rapidly growing and expanding. We realize that we must add to our team if we are to meet the ever increasing demand for the services that we offer. We use a system of growth-oriented training that has been tested and found to work exceptionally well. We also challenge every individual team member to apply a student mentality and enthusiasm, so that they can learn and progress through the exciting opportunities of advancement in the industry of sales and marketing. This has the effect of generating superior representation for each one of our clients and thus ensures incredible outcomes for all: our team, clients and consumers.


Principal Marketing Believes in Leading With Your Life

Principal Marketing believes in always leading by example, and that means inside the office and outside the office. Being a leader is more than just being able to foster a team with ideas but showing them that leadership...

Principal Marketing Drives Innovation in Our Team

Innovation. It’s a word that can mean multiple things to different people. Leaders want more innovation in the office and want to see it among their team members. How exactly does one achieve an innovative...

Principal Marketing Knows How To Engage an Audience During a Presentation

Business presentations are always either a hit or miss. At Principal  Marketing, we know how important it is to engage our audiences in our presentations. Occasionally, the team will already be excited for whatever the...

Press Release: Principal Marketing, Inc. Announces Promotion and Begins Recruitment Efforts for the New Quarter

GLEN ELLYN, IL – Principal Marketing, Inc., a firm of interactive marketing strategists who help brands to grow, extends their congratulations to team member Terra Engler on her career advancement while the company looks...

Principal Marketing Knows All About Dressing for Success

Research shows that dressing for the position you are seeking is beneficial to portray the person you want the interviewer to see. We are all about making excellent first impressions and dressing for success. However, a...

Principal Marketing Promotes Assistant Manager

Principal Marketing, Inc. is proud to announce the promotion of Terra who is now an Assistant Manager. Terra has worked extremely hard and has demonstrated great determination, leadership, perseverance and dedication. We...

Principal Marketing would like to send a big CONGRATULATIONS to both John and Meghan who were promoted to Trainer in today’s morning meeting!!! Keep up the excellent hard work. We are really excited to watch your...

Principal Marketing Team Night Out Promotes Unity

Principal Marketing’s team night out this week was at Brunswick bowling alley. Throwing strikes with the team is always so much fun and this week’s big winner was Matt! It was a blast and an awesome turnout....

Principal Marketing, Inc. Values Teamwork as Most Important

At Principal Marketing, Inc., we understand that often two heads are better than one. In fact, in our business, many different heads always produce better results, and the care and attention with which we cultivate this...