Welcome to Principal Marketing

Principal Marketing provides professional brand representation for clients seeking cutting edge strategies and immediate results. Rather than relying on indirect methods such as television ads and billboards, we use targeted outreach initiatives to connect with consumers on a personal level. This results in greater engagement and retention, and generates lasting customer loyalty for the businesses that we represent.

On a Mission for Growth

Our commitment to professional development has allowed us to achieve continued success through a team of highly trained marketing specialists who develop skills, knowledge, and leadership abilities that make them exceptional in their service to our clients. They know how to reach the ideal audience, and they know how get them to listen to and respond to our promotions. As a result, we create significant winning opportunities for our company, our clients, and their customers. Everybody wins with Principal Marketing.

PRESS RELEASE : Principal Marketing Introduces New Assistant Manager

GLEN ELLYN, IL – Principal Marketing’s president explained the firm’s position on growth and advancement, and highlighted a recently promoted team member. The new assistant manager also weighed in on the experience. “Here at Principal Marketing, it’s all about growth – for the brands we…